Airport Briefing

Departure and Approach Procedures


Take Off Procedures

Aircraft in VFR operating within Lugano CTR for Landing or after departure shall proceed via the established reporting points as published on Lugano VAC and/or instructed by Lugano tower.

Take-off Minima

RWY ACFT Vis (m) / Ceiling (ft AGL) RMK
01 A 1500/-- 1500/-- 1500/--  
B 1500/-- 1500/-- 1500/--
C 1500/-- 1500/-- 1500/--
19 A 800/-- 400/-- 400/--  
B 800/-- 400/-- 400/--
C 800/-- 400/-- 400/--

IFR Approach Procedures

The following instrument approaches procedures, with the corresponding requirements, are available in Lugano:

  • LOC-DME approach for circlings RWY 19
    The LOC-DME APCH shall be flown on a continuous descent angle or gradient.
    The break-off points on the APCH will always remain at the same PSN, but it will be overflown at the applicable ALT
  • Circling Foxtrot RWY 19
    At least Pilot Qualification type A
    Approach can be flown during the day only
    VIS 5000 m or more, day only and ceiling 3100 ft AAL or HYR
  • Circling Charlie RWY 19
    At least Pilot Qualification type A with VIS 5000 or more and ceiling 3100 ft AAL or higher / Day Only
    At least Pilot Qualification type B with VIS 3000m or more day / VIS 5000 m or more night / ceiling 1700 ft AAL or higher and an approved contingency procedure RWY 19 may be required according to the TRAM
  • IGS RWY 01 (Steep APCH Procedure)
    Pilot Qualification type C
    ACFT certification in accordance with the TRAM requirements for steep APCH of 6° or higher

Be aware that a Qualification A is required prior to performing a visual approach. A visual approach is an approach to a runway conducted under IFR !

Circling Procedures

Lugano video approaches

Study the circling procedure approach charts to identify the obstacles, terrain configuration and densely populated areas. Verify the specific requirements and conditions for the use of the two different circling procedures.

Here you may view some pictures from the area and the circuits:

circling procedures

View the following pictures of the Circling CHARLIE procedure:
n°1 Lago di Muzzano
n°2 Lugano railway station
n°3 Hospital
n°4 TV studio Comano
n°5 Lamone village
n°6 highway exit Lugano nord

click on the map to enlarge

VFR Traffic

Note that you can expect unknown activity of VFR traffic (no radio contact in airspace E/G) around the CTR as well as above it!

The approaches require special attention at and in the vicinity of the airport due to traffic already in the circuit and helicopter operations.

The mountains surrounding the airport are very interesting for gliders. Note that you may expect glider activity near PINIK and CALDO.

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